Thursday, April 5, 2012

Resilient, She Is!

Emalyn slept all night at the hospital despite the arm splints and occasional nurse coming in to check her vitals. She woke up at 6:00 am, happy and obviously desperate to escape her hospital room. I have to admit, by then, we were all ready to escape! She ran and climbed as much as she could while hooked to an IV.

About 8:30 am, Dr. Ray's resident, Liana, came by to check on Emalyn, answer any questions we had, and sign her discharge papers. She gave us a few instructions about eating (with only two stitches inside her lip, she can have anything she's willing to eat; we don't have to stick to soft foods only), drinking (same as eating and she can use her usual sippy cup), sun exposure (sun screen every time we are outside to protect the scar and help reduce it), etc. and commented time and again on how good her repair looked. After she signed off on Emalyn's discharge, the nurse completed her paperwork and we headed home.

She definitely amazes me! One day following surgery she was pretty much her usual self, aside from the swelling. I think I was more worn down than Emalyn was!

She has bounced back so quickly and her lip is healing very fast! It's day four now and I can hardly believe how much it has healed! It even looks like some of her stitches are starting to dissolve. She is still swollen, has developed some bruising on her upper lip and seems to be a little more tender today, but she's going full speed ahead, just the same. They sent us home with Tylenol with codeine for pain, which we have given her at night, but Motrin seems to manage her pain well during the day. There is still a long road ahead, but it's great to see so much progress and to see her personality shining.

Resilient, she is! I wish adults were as resilient as children. I'm sure that if I'd been the one to undergo surgery, I would want to lay low and whine about feeling bad...but not Emalyn! She is rocking and rolling as if nothing ever happened!

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