Monday, April 16, 2012

Meet Myla Grant Powers

Myla Grant is here! She arrived at 12:06 pm, Monday, April 16. She weighs 7 pounds, 5 ounces, is 20 inches long, and has a head full of dark hair.

I was scheduled to be induced on Monday morning, so we prepared the big girls, packed our bags and had my mom spend the night. At 4 cm dilated, my doctor felt like the time was right and I was extremely uncomfortable (I will spare you those details), so I agreed. Little did we know, inducing wouldn't be necessary.

I woke Hank up about 2:30 am and told him that I was having trouble sleeping because my back was hurting, so I was going to sit on the couch and read. I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for months, so the tightening in my tummy I was experiencing wasn't bothering me at all. After I moved to the couch, I noticed that the pains in my back were coming in fairly close intervals and radiating around into the contractions I was having, so I started timing them. They were completely inconsistent, but never more than six minutes apart and they were lasting one to two minutes each. I wasn't sure if I was in early labor or not, but about 3:30 am I decided I might as well get in the way or the other we were going to the hospital. I continued timing each pain and they continued to get closer together, though they were never exactly consistent. I woke Hank up, he got in the shower and, as we talked, we decided we better call the on-call doctor just in case. I knew that I needed four hours of antibiotics for group B strep prior to delivery in order to spare Myla Grant from unnecessary "poking and prodding", and since Adair came pretty quickly and I was already 4 cm dilated, we decided it best not to take any chances. The on-call doctor said it sounded like early labor and to head on to the way or the other we were staying.

We woke my mom, said good bye to the girls (Emalyn wasn't sure what was happening, but did great with my mom and Adair was so excited she could hardly stand it) and arrived at the hospital about 4:45 am.

After I was admitted and settled into the "comfy" bed and "trendy" gown, the nurse started the antibiotic. My contractions were getting stronger and more uncomfortable, so by the time she checked me I was dilated to 5 cm. About 7:30 am I gave in and requested an epidural. Dr. Freeman arrived about 8 am, checked on me and decided to leave all alone until the antibiotic had been dripping for 4 hours. So, we just waited.
9:30 am (4 hours into the antibiotics) came and went, and we anxiously waited for Dr. Freeman to return to break my water and see what progress had been made. We soon learned he had gotten tied up in the OR, so we kept waiting. Finally, about 11:30 am he came in, broke my water and informed us I was dilated to 9 cm. His prediction was that I'd be pushing within 15-20 minutes. Things happened so fast after that! The nurse prepared the room, prepared the bed (mine and Myla Grant's), and prepared me. At 11:45 am, she checked my progress, announced I was ready and called Dr. Freeman. Fifteen minutes later, at noon, I was pushing and Myla Grant graced us with her presence at 12:06 pm.

May I just say that I hope she is always as easy and kind to her Mommy as she was during her entrance into this world. I almost feel guilty saying it, but it was a piece of cake, as far as labor and delivery goes. Adair's birth was pretty quick and easy, as well, but Myla Grant's was an answer to prayer and every Mommy's dream come true.

After she was born I spent a long time holding her on my chest, cuddling her. I was in complete disbelief that she was in my arms. I kept looking at Hank and saying, "doesn't it feel like yesterday that we found out she was coming?". So many wonderful things have happened since the day we found out we were pregnant. Our family has changed drastically, but it is perfect and, no doubt, exactly what the Lord's will was for us. We are so thankful for the three beautiful gifts God has given us in our girls.

Hello world!

20 inches long

Weighing 7 lbs and 5 oz

After we were moved upstairs to our room and settled in, my parents brought Adair and Emalyn to meet their little sister. It was such a sweet time together as a family as we introduced the newest member of our family to her adoring older sisters. Adair had always been super excited about Myla Grant's arrival, so we weren't really concerned about how she would be when she met her. We knew she would be ready to love on her and cuddle her and "mother" her. Emalyn on the other hand, was a wild card. We had no idea what to expect her reaction to be. Leading up to Myla Grant's birthday, we had talked about her a lot, played in her room, nutured baby dolls, and given her kisses, but we still weren't sure Emalyn was prepared for yet another change...a big one!

When they arrived, both girls were so sweet with Myla Grant. Adair was dying to hold her and love on her and Emalyn couldn't give her enough kisses and just wanted to touch her all over. Hank and I were relieved and so thankful! Emalyn climbed right up into the bed with me and wanted to be right next to Myla Grant, but never cried because I was holding her. She truly seemed to understand that Myla Grant was a new sister, like Adair, and that she wouldn't take me away from her. I must have told her 1000 times that I would never love her any less and that Myla Grant wouldn't take me away. I realize she is not even 2 years old, but I think my words actually made an impact. She has fallen into the big sister role so gracefully and has been super sweet. Adair has also been the ideal big sister to both Emalyn and Myla Grant. She loves them both so much and has become quiet the little lady.

Joe-pa, Adair and Myla Grant

Nona, Adair and Myla Grant

My sweet friends, Blair, Meg and Loren, came to visit and meet Myla Grant.

Monday was such a sweet day. We are beyond thankful for our three girls and already can't imagine life without one of them! The Lord has been so gracious and so faithful to complete this work within our family. Each of our girls is such a gift and I pray that we never take that for granted. God is so good to entrust each of them to us. May He also grant us the wisdom, knowledge, strength and patience to raise them well and for His glory!


  1. Brecca, she is beautiful! So happy for you!

  2. Myla Grant is absolutely beautiful! We're so thrilled for y'all and your sweet family of five. Hope to see you soon. Praying for y'all!