Thursday, April 5, 2012

Myla Grant is Coming Soon!

It's hard to believe that it's already April 5! I feel like we just found out Myla Grant was coming and saw Emalyn's sweet face for the first time. And look where we are now, Emalyn has been in our arms for almost seven weeks and Myla Grant arrives this month!

I am already progressing, so my OB thinks we'll meet our third baby girl within the next week and a half or so! If Emalyn hadn't transitioned as well as she as and/or if she hadn't bounced back so well from surgery that would make me extremely nervous! We are so thankful for the perfect plan God has for our family! He definitely created Emalyn and her easygoing, flexible personality for our family knowing exactly how He was knitting our family together! We are trusting in God's timing and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our precious third daughter!

Adair continues to be such a sweet big sister to Emalyn and cannot wait for Myla Grant to make her appearance. Today I was explaining to her that it would just be a few more "school days" (that's how we measure a lot of things...going to Disney World, leaving for China to bring Emalyn home, and now Myla Grant's birth) until her baby sister came and she got so, so excited! She became giddy and started kicking her feet and singing "Myla Grant is coming, Myla Grant is coming". When I picked her up at school today, I could tell she was still excited and had been talking about Myla Grant to her friends at school. I love that she's is so ready to meet her other sister!

Please pray that Adair's enthusiasm continues after Myla Grant is here! Please also pray for the nights I will have to be away from Emalyn; for Hank and my mom to be able to comfort her and that she will allow them both to meet her needs (especially at bedtime), but that she won't reject me when I am back home; and that she will adjust as well to being a big sister as she has to everything else. We would also covet your prayers for our family of four as we prepare to become five and for a healthy delivery and baby girl. Thank you for your faithfulness to pray and love us!

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