Friday, April 6, 2012

Pinterest Easter Fun

I am not ashamed to admit that I am addicted to Pinterest.  Hank picks on me every time I mention it, but the truth is, I have gotten a lot of great ideas there...especially activities, crafts and games for Adair and Emalyn. 

Leading up to Easter, I pinned lots of ideas that I knew we wouldn't get around to this year, but that might be fun in the future.  I did, however, attempt a few fun things with the girls today.  One was what I would call a big success, the other...not so much.

First, we decorated eggs with glue dots and glitter.  I guess we should have stuck with dying them.  The idea was great, but we ended up dropping and breaking more eggs than we decorated and had a hard time getting the glue dots to stick to the eggs.  Adair became frustrated and was quickly "over" this activity.  We did manage to create a few polka dotted eggs, but I think we'll go with tradition next year.

Adair and Emalyn with our four decorated eggs.

After decorating eggs, I hid eggs for the girls to hunt that held their lunch menu for the day.  They both had a blast hunting the eggs and peaking inside each one to see what it held, not to mention lunching on the porch!  Adair keeps asking to do this again and again.  Definitely a hit and something we will do again next year...more than once!

Adair hunting her lunch.

Emalyn with her lunch egg and "purse" basket.

Ready for lunch.

Finding out what's inside.

Grapes are her favorite...they were the first to go.

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