Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas

This Christmas Eve we celebrated the coming of our Lord and Savior at a wonderful service at our church followed by dinner at home with Nona (my mom), Joe-pa (my dad) and Mama Alice (my grandmother).

After dinner we opened gifts and then it was time to get ready for Santa, well sort of. Originally, Adair had asked Santa (via letter) to take her gifts to Nona and Joe-pa's house and let them bring them to her. Well, a week or so before Christmas, she decided that she had a new plan...Santa should send Aubie with her gifts. I have no idea how she concocted this plan, but we went with it. She was freightened by Santa coming into her house while we slept, but not Aubie (man vs. animal maybe?). So, Adair left a handmade finger print card addressed to Santa and Aubie, an orange for Aubie (fitting, right?), a cookie and a cupcake (in honor of Jesus's birthday) for Aubie to take to Santa, and grapes and a carrot for the reindeer (I guess Aubie was borrowing Santa's sleigh in Adair's mind).

After the treats were ready it was off to bed for our little one for dreams of sugarplum fairies and Aubie in a sleigh with jinglebells.

Merry Christmas (and War Eagle)!

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