Friday, December 10, 2010

The City Parade

We recently checked out a book at the library about Christmas trees. It showcases many different types of Christmas trees, most of which are unconventional and not your traditional green and needley trees. One part of the story talks about a tree in a city parade and shows a large balloon, just like the ones in the Macy Thanksgiving Day parade. Since we started reading this book, Adair has wanted to go to a city parade and see an over sized "pa-bloon" as she affectionately calls balloons. She has talked about it non-stop and was thrilled when we told her we were going to Homewood's Christmas parade. Now, as you know, there are no over sized balloons in Homewood's parade, but she loved it just the same. She does still talk about seeing a big "pa-bloon" to which Hank and I respond, "you just tell your Nona and Joe-pa that you want to go to New York City to see the big pa-bloons". Hopefully someday we will make it to NYC for the ultimate Christmas parade, but until then, we will cherish the lights, band and Santa in our little Homewood Christmas parade.

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