Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So, this is Christmas!

This Christmas was so much fun and so special. Adair was really excited to celebrate Jesus's birthday and for a week leading up to Christmas day she would ask, "Is today Jesus's birthday?" I am so happy that the first thing she thinks of when someone mentions Christmas is Jesus.

Anyway, we had to wake Adair up at 8:30 am to open gifts. (I am sure this will be the last or next to last year for that.) As soon as she got up, we sat in the floor of her room and read the Christmas story. Once we finished, she asked to hold baby Jesus (from our nativity), so we gave him to her and she quietly whispered, "happy birthday, baby Jesus". You'll see in the pictures below that she carried him around for a while.

We snapped a picture of her sitting at the top of the stairs and then let her come down to see her new toys. The first thing she saw was the filled stockings, then as she rounded the corner she spotted the dollhouse, cradle and wrapped gifts. She was so excited about each gift that we had to open and play with each new toy. She got food, pots and pans, and dishes for her kitchen, Hi Ho Cheerio, and rain gear (boots, coat, umbrella).

After we finished opening the gifts, we had breakfast together and then headed to Atlanta to spend the weekend Hank's family. As we were packing the car it started to snow! We left before it started to stick, but as we drove the grass on the side of the road started turning white. The "experts" in the newspaper said it didn't constitute a white Christmas because the amount of snowfall was immeasurable, but it's going down as a white Christmas in my book and the first I can remember!

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