Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Sighting in Homewood

Tonight we took Adair to visit with Santa at thE (long E, as she says) mall. As soon as we started talking about going to see him, she began to insist that she sit in Mommy's lap next to Santa. Having tried once already to get her to sit directly in Santa's lap when we went to Painting with Santa at Do It Yourself Crafts, I knew she was going to cling to me for dear life and scream the minute I leaned to put her in his lap. Knowing this, I decided to give in and succumb to being in the picture and she did great. She told Santa she was going to bake him cupcakes for his snack, leave carrots and raisens for the reindeer, and that she wanted a Veggie Tales toy for Christmas (this is the first I have heard of that and is not something her "Santa" has purchased).

After our visit, she talked nonstop about seeing Santa at thE mall. "Is Santa still at thE mall?" she asked. In the car "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" came on the radio and she emphatically responded, "Santa's not coming to town he's at thE mall." She was more-than-convinced that he was still at thE mall.

Well, after dinner, we drove over to see the coolest Christmas lights in Homewood. (It's a must see and the details are below.) We drive up and guess who is standing in front of the house? Santa Claus...Adair's response, "Santa's not at thE mall anymore...he's right there." She was completely mesmerized! Mesmerized by Santa and mesmerized by the lights. She would have stayed all night and watched the lights with long as Mommy and Daddy didn't try to hand her over to him! It was such a fun surprise Santa sighting!

Now, about the lights. They are amazing! The homeowner, Larry, puts it all together simply for the joy of children and to see their little faces light up. If you live in Birmingham and you have small children, it's a Christmas must...and free! Visit 1648 Barry Avenue in Homewood and tune your radio to FM 100.9 (you have to turn it up pretty loud to hear the music) and enjoy! It's really neat and I think Hank and I enjoy going as much as Adair does. We will probably stop by every night this week.


  1. glad to know you have a blog!! i'll add you so i'll know when to read! I'm sure you've told me before, but my brain is gone! And how CUTE is adair!!! Wells loves looking at her christmas card and saying "i like adair" and "there SHE is!" hilarious. thanks for the tidbits...chris and wells go looking EVERY night!

  2. I went to the Barry Ave house this year too! It might have been one of the highlights of Christmas!