Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day

Valentine's Day is always pretty low key at our house, it seems to infringe on Hank's birthday week too much and then there's the whole "commercial holiday" part.  We did get Adair a "pablloon" (aka balloon) and two new books and her class had a little Valentine party at school.  All in all it was a fun day filled with alot of love, even if it wasn't the romantic kind.

One of Adair's new books plays little plastic CDs and has the lyrics in it.

Dancing with her balloon.

Playing a Valentine's Day game at school.

Making a Valentine for Mommy and Daddy.

PS:  Isn't Adair's dress adorable?  My friend Stacey made it.  Check out her blog ( if you are ever in need of a monogram or applique! 

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