Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Adair!

It's hard to believe that Adair is already four years old!  It's cliche, I know, but time really does fly by.  The past year has been one of such growth for Adair.  She has gone from toddler to preschooler.  She learned to write all of her number and letters, she became a big sister-twice, she traveled to Disney World and to China (and constantly requests to go back to both...to Disney World to visit the princesses and to China to bring home another sister).  All in all, she has handled every change and every transition with grace and she has made us so very proud.  We love watching her grow into a little lady and pray that God will grant us wisdom as we continue to mold her and influence her.  She is our precious first born and we wouldn't change a thing about her.  She will always be our first love.

We had a fun week celebrating Adair's fourth birthday! 

Starting a week before her birthday, we counted down with a little gift to open each day.  I think this is one of Adair's favorite parts of her birthday.  Each day she woke up anxious to see what was inside her package for that day.  She got a children's devotional book, goggles, pool toys, a magnifying glass, binoculars, a ball, Brain Quest cards and two new pearls for her add-a-pearl necklace.

A week of birthday gifts

The first gift of her birthday countdown

Since Emalyn's birthday follows Adair's closely, Hank and I suggested to our parents that we all go in together and get the girls a swing set for the back yard.  They all thought it was a great idea and we managed to pull it off as a surprise for the girls.  Mimi, Granny, Uncle Eric, Aunt Laura, Ben, Kate, Lucy, Nona, Joe-pa and Mama Alice all came for the big reveal and to celebrate both girls' birthdays.  Adair and Emalyn were both very surprised and are loving their new play set.

Kate, Emalyn, Lucy, Ben and Adair

Kate, Ben, Laura, Eric, Emalyn, Hank, me, Adair,
Granny, Lucy, Mimi and Myla Grant

Emalyn, Hank, me, Nona, Joe-pa
Mama Alice, Myla Grant, and Adair

Memorial Day was Adair's actual birthday.  All she wanted to do for her birthday was eat pancakes and go to the pool, so that is exactly what we did.

Make a wish!

Emalyn, Adair and Myla Grant ready for the pool.

Adair, Daddy and Emalyn
(This was also Emalyn's first time at the pool and she loved it!)

After naptime, we took Adair for her favorite dinner...pizza, then out for ice cream at Doodles.

Myla Grant, Adair, Mommy, Daddy, and Emalyn

Nona, Adair, and Joe-pa

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