Friday, May 4, 2012

Good for a Laugh

If you're in need of a laugh today, let me offer's sure to fit the bill.

We woke up this morning to find Emalyn's cast in her crib. (Dr. Sorrell said this was likely to happen since kids arms are usually more thick than their hands, but thought we should at least give it a try.) So, I went to try to slip it back on just to get by until we could get it "recasted" and no matter how I turned it I could not figure out how to make it fit on her right arm. Hank and I were so puzzled, then we realized it hadn't been on her right arm, it had been on her left. They casted the WRONG arm and we never noticed! Parents of the year, right?!?

So many things make sense now! Yesterday, she was trying to eat with her casted hand which I thought was weird because she usually favors her left hand, she was very gentle with her "uncasted" arm, and a few times she even pointed to her "uncast" wrist. All of these little signs and, while I knew she broke her right arm, I never noticed the cast was on the left!

So, first thing this morning, we headed back to Dr. Sorrell's office, they re-x-rayed her arm to make sure their was no further damage, and put her in an over-the-elbow cast.

We all had to laugh at this incident. All we can figure out is that our extremely compliant middle daughter stuck out her left arm when they went to put the cast on and none of us processed which arm it was. She did the same thing today, but this time it was the right (correct) arm.

Thankfully, this minor oversight hasn't set us back at all. She still gets it removed two weeks from this past Wednesday (when the original cast went on).

Amazing how quickly kids heal and how resilient they are. Cast number two hasn't slowed her down any more than cast one all!

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  1. Oh Brecca! I've laughed at this story for two days now. Don't worry, i've also felt VERY sorry for y'all! But what stories you will have later on!