Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So Close, but Yet So Far Away

Many months ago, before we even turned in the first piece (of many, many pieces) of paperwork, I announced that we were beginning the adoption process to bring our second daughter home from China.  God has been so faithful during this journey and has continuously reconfirmed His call for us to adopt.  We know that our daughter is waiting somewhere in China to join her for ever family, our family.  We anxiously awaiting the day that we will see her sweet face for the first time and, even more so, the day we will finally hold her in our arms. 

We are one big step closer to these big moments today!  We are officially DTC!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the adoption lingo, DTC stands for "dossier to China".  Our plea to adopt and all of our paperwork is on its way to China.  Once it arrives, we will wait 3-4 weeks for a log in date (LID) and then we are officially waiting on a referral.

We covet your prayers during this time.  These are the things we are praying for specifically.

-Wisdom for Lifeline (our agency) and Lily who will be matching us with our daughter.
-Clarity upon referral; that we would know without a doubt if we are staring at the face of our daughter.
-That God would provide a special person to love our daughter and comfort her while she waits.
-That God would prepare her heart to be adopted and provide a supernatural peace through the transition.
-That God would prepare our hearts and the hearts of our families and friends, to love her, accept her and grow her up in the Lord.
-That this process would continue smoothly and quickly.

Thank you for supporting us and praying with us during this process.  If you want to follow all of the details of our adoption visit us at

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