Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fun Filled Fourth

Our sweet friends, the Hawleys, invited us to join them for a long weekend at their lake house over the 4th of July holiday.  We had a wonderful time hanging out with great friends and enjoying the lake, pool, water table, boat and jet ski rides, watermelon, bubble baths and more! 

Adair had a blast swimming and playing with Webb and Kate.  She also enjoyed acting as a big sister to Webb's little sister, Marlen.  We all enjoyed wonderful home cooked meals, relaxing and quality time with family and friends.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate our country's independence. 

May we always realize how fortunate we are to live in America the beautiful and never take for granted our freedom to make our own choices and to worship as we want and who we want.  God bless America!


Hank with all three kiddos: Webb, Adair and Kate.

Bubble bath!

Adair and Webb filling up the water table.

Adair's adorable "swimming" face.

Loving the boat ride!

Webb, Adair and baby Marlen

Adair loved jumping off of the dock.

Adair and Webb completely tuckered out.

Adair's first ride on a jet ski.  She loved it!

I am going to add a funny story here, because it's one I don't want to forget.  As we were packing to go to the lake, Adair asked if she could take a couple of movies.  I told her that was fine and to go pick them out and put them in her bag.  She chose "Tangled" and "Mary Poppins".  On the way to the lake, it occurred to me that "Tangled" had been in the DVD player, so I commented to Hank that we had forgotten it at home.  Adair quickly interjected that she had gotten it out the DVD player by "not touching the bottom like Daddy taught me" and put it in the case before putting it in her bag.  I looked at Hank, shocked, first because she remembered it was in the DVD player and got it out, and, second, because she managed to get it into the right case.  As Hank said, I think we are in trouble!

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