Monday, April 1, 2013


Our Fusion Easter egg hunt was alot of fun, despite the rainy weather.  We improvised with an indoor hunt, bounce houses, games and a picnic.

Dying eggs is a fun Easter tradition. The girls loved seeing them change colors!  We died some eggs that were not hard boiled.  After we died them, we made a small hole in them and washed out the yucky insides and talked about how Jesus died on the cross because He wants to take away our yucky insides and fill us with the Holy Spirit to make us a light to the world. Then we filled our eggs with rice and added a candle.

On Good Friday, we had an egg hunt picnic.  Myla Grant had fun snitching her sisters' food and ended up in her high chair.

Adair woke up with a fever on Easter, so we didn't get to go to church to celebrate our Risen Savior as we had planned.  Hank and I took turns going to the service and Emalyn went with me.  Despite the unusual circumstances, we still had a great day remembering what Jesus did for all of us.

Finally feeling better after getting some antibiotics for an ear infection.

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