Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birthdays are a BIG Deal!

Today is Adair's birthday and at our house, birthdays are a big deal!  We enjoy celebrating well before and well after the actual birthday.  Since they only come around once a year, we figure we might as well live it up at each opportunity! 

It is my desire to develop lifelong traditions in our house surrounding birthdays, so since this is Adair's third birthday and she is fully aware of what that means in her own three year old way (i.e. cupcakes, candy, gifts and parties) we thought this was a good year to try out what we hope will become our birthday traditions.

Tradition One:  A Birthday Countdown
We started celebrating with a birthday countdown last Sunday...6 days before Adair's birthday.  Each morning she got to open a small numbered gift...beginning with number 6.

Sunday, number 6
A Jumping Ball

Monday, number 5
"Knuffle Bunny"

Tuesday, number 4
Sticker Mosaic Art

Wednesday, number 3
"Move Over Rover"

Thursday, number 2
Play Jewelry

Friday, number 1
"Click Clack Moo"

Tradition Two:  A Special Outing
Yesterday, Adair and I had our first mother/daughter manicure (well, polish) and I think I might have created a mini-monster, because she was very into it.  This is the first time she has ever even had nail polish on her fingernails, so she was very excited.  She did have a hard time sitting still long enough to let the polish dry, but managed once she got in front of the little DVD player showing "Tangled" at the salon.  She was very proud of her blue fingernails (truly, so light they are almost white) and had to show Daddy immediately upon arriving home.

Tradition Three:  Birthday Banners Everywhere
After Adair went to bed last night, Hank and I decorated the house with lots of signs and "happy birthday" banners.  As we were hanging them at 11:30 pm, Hank kindly reminded me that Adair can't yet if I didn't know that already!  My defense was that she knows it's her birthday, so she will be excited and I am sure that she can guess that they say "happy birthday"...and I was right.  When she came down this morning, she was thrilled with the colorful banners and signs and guessed right away that they said "happy birthday". 

Tradition Four:  A Collectible Gift
Today's gift was part fun, part serious.  She found a tunnel and a tent in the living room this morning and crawled into them immediately.

Inside she found a tiny wrapped box.  When she opened it, she found an add-a-pearl necklace with three small pearls in honor of her third birthday.  Each year we will add to the necklace and by the time she is 18 she should have a full strand of pearls.  Adair isn't old enough to truly appreciate this gift, but I am sure some day she will realized how meaningful it really is.

Tradition Five:  A Special Occasion Journal
Inside the tent Adair also found her journal.  This is a tradition that Hank and I started while we were dating and began last year for Adair.  Her journal is a place for us to write to her on her birthday and other special occasions.  It's a way for her to keep all of the notes we will give her over the years in one place and in chronological order.

Tradition Six:  A Special Birthday Breakfast
After Adair opened her gifts we took her out for a special birthday breakfast.  One of our favorite breakfast places is Salem's in downtown Homewood.  Now, Salem's is not a large or atmosphere pleasing's what I affectionately refer to as a "hole in the wall" type place, but the food is delicious and the people are incredibly nice.  They were even willing to indulge me and put the candles I brought with me into Adair's chocolate chip pancakes.

This has already been one fun birthday...for the birthday girl and for Mommy and Daddy...and we haven't even gotten to the parties yet!  This afternoon we are hosting a "carnival" for all of Adair's sweet friends and can't want to celebrate with everyone. 

Yippee, Adair is three!

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  1. I laughed so hard at the part about her not being able to read the happy birthday banners. So cute and adorable. Cherish these moments cause they grow up in the blink of an eye. Wonderful story and thank you for sharing.