Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This mornings "experience" with Adair is too funny not to share. In fact, it's the ideal way to start a blog intended to capture moments with our family, some of which Adair will probably never believe when she is grown-up unless they are recorded.

Before I go into the panic, let me give you a little background. Adair turned two at the end of May and shortly after her birthday we started potty training. In August she started Montessori school. Between potty training and dressing/undressing herself at school after potty accidents, she has gotten really good at taking her clothes off (and putting them on). This past Sunday, I walked into her room after naptime to find her completely naked in her wet crib. Monday, same story. Yesterday, same story. The third time was the charm for this mommy, so I decided to turn her crib into a toddler bed, thinking if she could get up to go potty maybe she wouldn't feel the need to streak in her bed.

Last night was her first night in her newly named (by her, of course) "big girl bed" (formerly known as her crib). She did great going to bed, only getting up a couple of times and eventually obeying, lying down and going to sleep. Well, this morning when it was time for her to get up, I ventured into her room to see how our big girl did. She was NO WHERE TO BE SEEN. She wasn't in her bed, she wasn't in the floor, she wasn't in the closet, she wasn't in the the dark she was no where to be seen. Panicked, I turned on the light frantic to find my child and as I glance toward her bed, I see her hand...sticking out from under her bed. She was curled up, sound asleep UNDER her bed. It's not a high crib, mind you. There's barely enough room for our cat to sleep under there. To this point, I still have no idea how she ended up under there.

After I helped her squeeze out, I couldn't help but laugh out loud and call for Hank. The three of us got a good belly laugh this morning and all before 7:30 am.

I am happy to report that she did nap today in her toddler bed and managed to stay on top of the bed. As a friend said today, if she sleeps on the floor (or under the bed) once or twice, she will eventually learn that the bed is more comfortable. I guess as long as she isn't injured or afraid, it didn't hurt anything and certainly left us with a good story that would only be better if I had had the presence of mind to grab the camera.

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